Netflix streaming swallows students

Techinfographics reports that nine out of 10 American college students watch Netflix, while 88 percent of this group watches at least two hours, but often more, of programming per week. • stock photo courtesy of under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license

On its release, Netflix was strictly DVD by mail, but 19 years later, the company now offers on-demand, online streaming. Since then, Netflix has become acclaimed by consumers everywhere. However, the ability to stream TV at any point has had particularly profound impacts on students, including at UW-Fox.

Justin Pomasl, a sophomore at UW-Fox Valley, said he spends about 15 hours per week watching Nextflix and spends most of his time watching the Shameless series.

Pomasl stated that he thinks he spends too much time streaming and binge-watching television, but he also makes sure he multitasks while doing so. He completes homework assignments while also being able to enjoy his guilty pleasures, getting the best of both worlds.

Dani Walinski, also a sophomore at UW-Fox, says she occasionally does watch Netflix, but is sure to manage her time wisely. Spending only five hours watching the online services, she believes she’s at the low end of the spectrum.

Even though Walinski does spend little time compared to other students interviewed, she still finishes homework while watching to compensate for the time spent staring at the screen for hours.

Walinski personally enjoys the series American Dad and also That 70’s Show.

Dominicka Lewicki, freshman, loves to spend her mornings, afternoons and nights binge-watching Netflix saying she spends 15–30 hours each week streaming television shows.

Whether it be at home on the couch, lying in bed or in between classes, when Lewicki has a spare second, she can be seen catching up on her favorite shows.

Unlike Pomasl and Walinski, Lewicki does say that she sometimes prioritizes watching Netflix over hanging out with friends or even finishing up homework that is due.

Although she believes she does spend too much time binge watching, she will probably still continue catching up on her favorite series, Quantico.

Monthly Netflix subscription fees range from $7.99 to $11.99. Although there are other options for streaming available such as Hulu and Amazon Prime, each attract specific target audiences. Shaan Haider, editor and founder of technology news site Geeky Stuffs, said that the services appeal to specific target audiences in a comparison article between Netflix and Hulu.

“Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming each serve [their] own niche. Hulu Plus is great for viewers who prefer TV and Netflix streaming is more suited to the movie buff,” Haider wrote in the article.

In 2013, the service also joined the production business, introducing its first series, House of Cards. Since its debut, “Netflix Original” content has flourished. This year, Netflix was said to be releasing an estimated 126 original series and films. This is greater than any other network or cable channel.

Because of the amount of original content, Netflix seems to rise above other streaming services like as Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Still, Netflix and other streaming services alike have changed the way we all view and watch television.

Although some may spend hours binge-watching their favorite series, many know they spend too much of their time doing so.

To watch some of the popular shows mentioned, go to Netflix’s website. The first month is free.