In the halls: worst day of school?

  “I had two papers due and didn’t have them done.” 

Philip Burgoyne, freshman.


“I peed my pants in kindergarten.”

Andrew Werlein, sophomore

  “I got done working third shift and fell asleep in three different classes.”

Daniel Martin, sophomore

  “It was eighth grade during gym class, and my friends graffitied on a locker. I got blamed for it and [was] suspended.”

 Alex Johnston, sophomore.



“I was sick on an activity day in fifth grade. The whole gym was full, and my grandma was there as well watching me get an award. I puked in my hands, and the puke squirted out and got on the person next to me who also was getting an award.”

 Jordan Conradt, sophomore.

  “Any time I had to run the mile was terrible.”

 Mykaelah Smith, Freshman.


  “My entire freshman year of high school. It was just a really bad year.”

Alyssa Buchholz, freshman.


  “In fifth grade, I ran into the back of the classroom, and I puked in the garbage can. [I] stood up and said, ‘I just puked,’ because no one noticed.”

Caty Peterson, freshman.


  “I went to a private school and had to wear uniforms, so I spilled my milk all over my uniform and had to go the rest of the day being the only one without a uniform.”

Kaitlin Schuh, freshman.