Spotlight: campus clubs give students opportunities

Club Bulletin
Campus clubs post updates in the hallway between the bookstore and cafeteria. · photo by Vinnie Oestreich

Campus clubs at UW-Fox Valley allow students to further their knowledge in areas of interest. The campus has a number of clubs can join.

Michael McFall, assistant professor of philosophy, advises multiple clubs at UW-Fox, including Philosophy Club, the campus forum for ideological debate, and CRU, an interdenominational evangelical Christian organization.

McFall discussed the social benefits of the clubs at Fox.

“Because Fox is a two-year, non-residential commuter campus, it’s hard for introverted students to connect,” McFall said. “The clubs here at Fox are great because they’re over the noon hour, most students are here anyhow, and from here this is actually where most of their friendships start.”

School-sponsored clubs are viable opportunities for students to establish friendships that can carry with them the rest of their lives.

UW-Fox’s Business Club focuses on much of what today’s college kids think about, such as employment in today’s economy, communication in the work place, and developing both soft and hard skills.

During a typical Business Club meeting, one can expect to constantly be improving on the “soft-skills” business, which includes everything from handshakes to first job interviews.

Members can look forward to various guest speakers. One notable speaker was Diane Roundy, who is on the executive board of the Green Bay Packers.

Business Club hosts a variety of sponsored events which included “Fox Networking Night,” a competition where 10 to 15 employers come in and judge students “soft skills.” This competition isn’t limited to business students however, internships are offered in many institutions including banking, teaching, nursing and others.

Alex Gordon, president of the Business Club, explained why students should attend business club, whether a business student or not.

“[The Business Club provides] internship and connection opportunities, as well as an opportunity to better their professional interpersonal skills,” Gordon said.

Those interested in business, or just want to be able to sharpen some translatable business skills, may want to attend a Business Club meeting or sponsored activity.

Business Club meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month 12:10–12:50 p.m. in room 2825.

The campus Philosophy Club may also be worth attending. A typical meeting consists of about 45 minutes of intense yet respectful debate, mediated by the club president as to initiate questions and make sure conversation stays on topic. Topics vary from the death penalty, to abortion, free speech, and the presence of souls in plants, animals and humans. When controversial topics arise, meeting attendance rises as well leading to a wide range of viewpoints being established and discussed.

Philosophy Club President Gretchen Boeson explained that attending meetings can develop debate and interpersonal skills, too.

“There was one student that told me he was uncomfortable because he felt like the rest of us knew more terms and had better ideas and thoughts,” Boeson said. “He didn’t really know how to express or explain on the level that the rest of us did, but he kept coming and his explanations grew deeper and he was more confident in explaining his [viewpoints].”

Those interested in thought-provoking debates with peers may want to join Philosophy Club.

Philosophy Club meets on Thursdays at 12:15 p.m. in room 1551 and the topic being discussed that week can be found on the student club bulletin board located right outside the library.

Student clubs can offer much needed help in a subject as well as an opportunity to converse with people who share similar interests. Clubs provide social, education and possibly even emotional advancement and stability. If a student has an interest, UW-Fox has a way to develop that interest into something tangible to make a career out of.

For a full list of clubs on campus, contacts and information on how to join, visit the student organizations section of UW-Fox’s website.