UW resources help students easily transfer

Many students attending the UW Colleges will use the guaranteed transfer program to ensure acceptance into one of the 13 universities in the UW System • photo by Katie Kaczor

Every year, students transferring out of UW-Fox make very important decisions, including their choice of major and whether or not they choose to commute to their four-year college of choice. Fortunately, with resources available from the UW System and proactivity, students can easily make a decision that best suits their needs.

Students often wonder which university to attend next based on their chosen major. Popular areas of study at UW-Fox are engineering, business and nursing, and many students go on to study these at transfer universities.

Senior student affairs coordinator Tina Koch said that for engineering majors, Milwaukee, Platteville and Madison are good schools; for business, Oshkosh and Whitewater are schools to consider; and for nursing Oshkosh and Madison have good programs.

Koch also explained the importance of researching programs ahead of time through a web tool called Major Mania.

Major Mania is a search engine designed to narrow down a major in the UW System that suits a student’s personal goals and life circumstances through a number of factors such as location, subject area, graduate or undergraduate degree offerings and methods of lecture delivery.

For instance, a student could search for an undergraduate business degree with distance education and alternative schedule options and find a business administration major from UW-Stevens point and an information science major from UW-Milwaukee that meets all of the conditions the student searched for.

“If you go to the school website, click on UW HELP and there will be a link called Major Mania. [It] shows a list of majors and schools that offer programs correlating to your major,” Koch said.

Major Mania has a big help to Freshman Emily Yonke who used the website to find her ideal transfer school.

“I have checked out Major Mania and found it helpful. That is where I discovered UW Green Bay,” Yonke said.

Students also wonder whether the decision to commute or live on campus is the better options for them.

If a student would want to commute to school every day and live at home, UW Oshkosh and UW Green Bay would be the better options considering how local they are.

This factor influenced Yonke’s decision.

“If I end up transferring schools, I plan on attending UW Oshkosh or UW Green Bay due to the fact that they both have good nursing programs. No matter which school I choose, I would most likely commute, considering it is a cheaper option,” Yonke said.

However, many other colleges have great housing options; one can find out what he or she likes by scheduling a tour. UW-Fox Freshman Sydney Bergner, a business major transferring to UW-Milwaukee, said the campus tour was what brought her to a decision.

“When I toured campus last year, people were helpful and friendly; that is when I decided I was interested in attending,” Bergner said.

Major Mania’s webpage can be used to search for a program of study that matches a student’s academic needs.