In the halls: what are you doing with your life?

  “I’m not sure at this point. I want to be an athletic trainer, and science isn’t a strong suit for me. So, now I’m back to undecided, and I had to transfer from Oshkosh to here to make that possible.” 

Alyssa Krueger, freshman.


“Right now, I’m working on furthering my education so I can pursue my dreams. I eventually want to be a children’s missionary to South Africa. I’m learning how to teach—learning how to interact with students so that I can be the most effective.”

John Soto, sophomore

  “I work full-time, I’m married, and I’m going to school part time. I’m going to school to better my career—I work in a youth center. I’m going for human services. I’m looking to better understand the nonprofit world with grant writing and stuff like that. Eventually I’m going to transfer to UWO.”

Angela Henry, sophomore

  “I have no clue. I’m mostly getting the gen. eds. out of the way so I can transfer to UW-Whitewater. I’m thinking game design [as a career].”

 Nick Spaeth, sophomore.



“I’m trying to accomplish things—like getting a degree here. I don’t know too much about the future, but I like to take my steps in manageable pieces.”

Ansley Sell, sophomore.

  “Not enough. Typical college kid stuff: waste time; go on my phone too much.”

 Cole Lato, Freshman.


  “I’m going to major in economics. I keep researching about different things that are happening in the economy—not just where I come from—but the U.S. economy and less developed countries. It’s what I keep working on, and I’m working at the Fox Village—I’m an RA.”

Jael Tegulwa, freshman.


  “Currently studying and working part time at the moment. I’m working towards my bachelor’s degree and hopefully everything works as planned.”

Thomas Burdick, freshman.


  “I’m just trying to live, I guess—not trying to be too stressed out, because I don’t see the point in being stressed out. I’m going school, going to work, paying my bills. I’m trying to have good peace of mind. The past year, I had some things go on, so I’m trying to stay happy. Really, that’s my main goal: just be happy.”

Alex Stewart, sophomore.