Students and instructors balance spring break with work


While spring break is hyped in the media as being a time for students to party, that doesn’t seem to be the reality for many students at UW-Fox.

Students’ and professors’ plans over spring break were often similar: full of work.

“With all the things I am working on right now, it will be amazing if I get to spend any time at all with my family,” Beth Johnson, assistant professor of geography-geology, said in an email before spring break.

Sometimes spring break can be both a time to catch up on work and a time to relax.

“Spring break is a time for both students and professors like myself to decompress,” Erin DeMuynck, assistant professor of geography-geology, said.

Freshman Regan Earney at UW-Fox felt “relieved” that break was just around the corner; she was able to catch up on some homework and still enjoy her road trip to Florida with family over the break.

James Caligiury, a sophomore, went to Iowa to visit his niece and nephew.

Jason Mills, senior lecturer of biological sciences • photo by Coulson Richards

Jason Mills, senior lecturer of biological sciences at UW-Fox, spent time with his two-year-old.

There is still a concern, however, that students receive too much of a workload from their professors during break.

“Sometimes it’s just how things fall on the schedule,” Mills said, referring to one of his classes having an exam the week after break.

DeMuynck sympathized with students in one of her classes for which she assigned a few light assignments.

“I feel bad assigning work over break,” DeMuynck said.

Offering more solace for the assignments, she said it was nothing students couldn’t do before or after break.

“[It] shouldn’t take much time,” DeMuynck said.

Johnson did not assign any specific homework for students over break, but she posted details for their term projects ahead of time.

“[I plan] to give them over a month to research and write. The fact that spring break fell during this time did not figure into it,” Johnson said.