UW-Fox dance an unforgettable social gathering despite low turnout

“A Night in Foxywood” photo stand. • UW-Fox Valley file photo

Although the dance at UW-Fox Valley faced low turnout, “A Night in Foxywood” was still about getting together with a group of friends, meeting new people and enjoying the night.

The UW-Fox dance was held in the Communication Arts Center April 14. The room was filled with red carpets, tables with food, and near the main entrance, loud music was playing.

The dance was said to be semi-casual, but many students showed up in formal attire. A number of the men that attended the dance wore anything from button-down shirts and dress pants to a suit. Many women seemed to wear prom dresses or pencil skirts as well.

However, only 40–50 students attended the dance. Those who did hear about the event generally heard through word of mouth or signs on campus.

Some students thought limited advertising hurt the dance’s attendance.

“I thought the dance could have been advertised better. I saw a few small signs around campus, but that was it. I think more students would have shown up if they would have known more about it,” Heather Park, sophomore at UW-Fox Valley, said.

Tickets had to be purchased ahead of time and were not sold at the door.

While students appreciated the event’s overall quality, low participation and attendance were its greatest detractors.

“The music is really good, except I wish more people would have shown up. Not a lot of people [danced], and I think it would [have been] really fun if the event had more students here,” Sophomore Jael Tegulwa said.

Tegulwa said other sorts of events might attract a larger number of students.

“Honestly, I think that UW Fox should sponsor an event like a waterpark or rock climbing. Students could pay a small fee to go on a trip that allows them to do something a little more adventurous,” Tegulwa said.

Student Life Coordinator Rebecca Nielsen said the Student Government Outreach Committee and Campus Activities Board worked really hard to put the event together.

“Members from both groups held meetings throughout the year and worked to plan the logistics of the event. The Outreach Committee Chair, Dominicka Lewicki, was the lead student who was in charge of the planning. I worked closely with Dominicka and the dance committee to make sure we could execute the plans,” Nielsen said.

The event was funded through the campus activities budget, though a ticket charge was also used to fund additional parts of the event.

“We also charged $10 per ticket to help cover some of the costs. Our ticket sales were able to cover the cost of our DJ,” Nielsen said.