In the halls: favorite book?


Deltora Quest, Emily Rodda

“It’s my favorite book because there’s … a lot of action. Also, it is fantasy and that’s really the only thing I like to read.”

Bryce Schriber, junior


The Autobiography of Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan

“He’s a person I look up to.”

Charlie Engleman, freshman


A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson

“It’s a wonderful amalgamation of history, science and wit.”

Coulson Richards, sophomore


A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin

“Because dragons are cool.”

Jake Burns, freshman


If I Stay, Gayle Foreman

“It evoked a lot of emotion and kept me interested the whole time. [Foreman] did a good job at keeping attention until the last page.”

Sarah Gauthier, freshman


Moon over Buffalo, King Ludwig

“It’s super funny. All the characters are very well done and it has a happy ending.”

Taylor Zorteau, junior


The Stand, Stephen King

“It’s a great story of good versus evil. He wrote one of the best antagonists in Randall Flagg.”

Trayc Patchin, sophomore