UW-Fox tutoring centers strive to help students

A Developmental Math Lab tutor assists a visiting student. · photo by Coulson Richards.

With students looking for help as the responsibilities of school arise, UW-Fox’s tutoring services are ready to lend a hand.

The tutoring services on campus are composed of five distinct labs: the Writing Pad, the Learning Resource Center, the Business and Economics Lab, the Learning Resource Center Math Lab and the Developmental Math Lab. Each lab has its own staff, tutors and resources with which to assist students.

“We want to work with students and help them do the best they can,” Writing Pad Director Christina Marty said.

The Writing Pad offers students on campus assistance with the drafting and revising of papers they might have for their courses.

Since many student tutors have had the same or similar classes, peers who operate as tutors can help students better navigate the requirements of a specific paper or class assignment.

Marty says one of the biggest misconceptions students on campus have about the Writing Pad it is just for students who are not strong writers, but that is certainly not the case. The Writing Pad can be useful to students writing any type of paper, at any stage and for any course or subject.

Student tutors can aid their peers by simply talking through their paper’s outline or requirements, allowing students to get a better understanding of what exactly is expected with a given paper.

The Writing Pad can also look over drafts by seeing how the paper lines up with the requirements of the assignment. Getting feedback can be a great help for those not entirely sure of the professor’s individual expectations. Student peers will first assess the requirements of the assignment students have, then work their way down to lower-order things such as grammar and word choice within the assignment.

The Writing Pad’s tutors are available to assist students with their writing assignments Monday through Friday. · UW-Fox Writing Pad file photo.                                                                                                                 Top: Debra Ruff, Rachel School, Davis Knutzen, Cody Wiesner, Christina Marty.                                       Seated: Paige Steele, Julia Talley, Marita Gutierrez.

Also assisting students is the Learning Resource Center (LRC). Kathy Gilmore, the LRC director, coordinates its services.

“We have walk-in [student] tutors for biology, psychology, physics and chemistry,” Gilmore said.

These student tutors are available for walk-in tutoring Monday through Friday, and the tutors are often scheduled with their respective subjects courses in mind. Courses such as biology which mostly have sections on Tuesday and Thursday have its tutors available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to precisely accommodate students’ schedules.

Students also have the ability to request peer tutors for any nonstandard courses they may need assistance with. These nonstandard tutor requests are sent to the LRC who then often reach out to that course’s instructor to see if they can recommend a student tutor for their course.

Gilmore says that finding nonstandard tutors, particularly for the upper-level and advanced classes, can be tough as many of the students who formerly took that course may have went on to their transfer institution or may have graduated with their associate degree.

Another added change for the nonstandard tutors can be the coordination of the tutoring schedule. Both the requesting student and the tutor must determine what days and times to meet, which can be tough if both are busy students with a number of activities. However, Gilmore stresses that scheduling conflicts should never discourage students who want or need help from a tutor to request one.

Both the Writing Pad and the LRC are located in the 1800 hallway and walk-ins are accepted any time when they are open.

More information on the tutoring centers can be found on the campus website’s tutoring services page.