Summer issue of UW-Fox Valley literary journal published



The summer 2016 issue of The Cyclone Muse has just been published on campus and copies are now available on the 1800 wing’s bookshelves, free of charge.

The Cyclone Muse is a collection of short stories, poems and photos submitted by students from around campus during the fall and spring semesters.

UW-Fox contains talented artists from each of these categories. UW-Fox Sophomore Kathryn Lenz, for example, submits to the Muse.

“I tend to submit mostly poems, but I have also had some short stories that I submitted,” Lenz said.

Bill Gillard, Cyclone Muse advisor and associate professor of English, explained the types of literature that are typically submitted in the fall and spring issues.

“In my creative writing class, I teach poetry in the fall, so a lot of poetry gets submitted, and then in the spring I teach short story writing, so we end up with a lot of short story submissions in the springtime,” Gillard said.

The Muse has been published for 10 years now, according to Gillard.

“I started here in 2006. [The Muse] originated in a writing club, and we then decided we wanted a literary magazine, so we started that too,” Gillard said.

Ever since the journal began publication, it has seen a vast number of students submitting personal works to be possibly published in it.

“When you write … you’re hoping for an audience,” Gillard explained, “and to get a wider audience, with several hundred copies around campus, it can be very satisfying for students. Frequently, this would be their first publication, and a lot of students go on to much bigger things from there. We’ve never had an issue getting submissions, and students generally put their best work out there,” Gillard said.

The deadline for the Cyclone Muse’s next issue is Nov. 1. UW-Fox students may submit up to five poems or artwork and one short story, flash fiction story, play or nonfiction. Works in the latter category may not exceed 1,000 words.

Submissions and questions can be emailed to