In the halls: favorite presidential candidate? — General elections

 4432 “Probably Trump because of how I was raised. I’m working class—my family is. His morals are different [than Hillary’s]. He’s very straightforward, and his ideas are good.”


Moira McHugh, sophomore


“Jill Stein: Green Party. I just feel like we need more moderates, and she’s the closest thing we have to an eco-friendly moderate.”

Liam McGinnis, freshman

 5 “I don’t like either candidate. I don’t want to be responsible for whomever wins. I don’t want to have to choose.”
Shayla Mason, sophomore
 4420 “Hillary, because I plan on being an art education major and with how the Republicans are going, they plan on kind of getting rid of teacher’s pensions and moving more to private schools and getting rid of public schools.”


Jacklyn Stumpner, freshman


“Probably Gary. He’s the Libertarian. I don’t like Trump or Hillary.”

Jake Morley, freshman

 4421 “I’m not gonna vote, but I don’t like Trump because he’s very misogynistic. He doesn’t like women. He’s very sexist and basically a douche.”
Elijah Hasan, freshman
 4407 “I’m kind of undecided because I just don’t know what I feel best about. In mainstream media, you hear one point of view of one candidate and another point of view of the other. One always seems better, but sometimes they’re both false.”


Brody Meyer, freshman

 9 “I’m one of the many millennials who are disappointed with both candidates. I do believe in voting for the lesser evil in this election and my vote’s probably with Hillary Clinton.”


Kyle Lichtenberg, fifth year

 4 “Probably Clinton, primarily because she actually knows what she’s talking about, and she’s an experienced politician compared to a businessman that thinks he knows everything.”


Connor Freimuth, sophomore