Spotlight: Libertarian Club puts principle before party

The UW-Fox Libertarian Club meets on Mondays at noon. • photo by Vinnie Oestreich

The UW-Fox Libertarian Club takes a break from partisan- and agenda-driven politics of the day to discuss and educate citizens on their rights.

The campus Libertarian Club, instead of getting bogged down in country’s political battles, seeks to bring things back to basics.

With the Republican and Democratic parties dominating the political agendas and hot-button issues, alternate views and parties are often ignored. The UW-Fox Valley Libertarian Club seeks to have those alternate conversations and discuss partisan issues current through a libertarian-minded lens.

The club also seeks to educate members and students of their constitutional rights and freedoms, says Club President and UW-Fox Freshman Kaila Vander Wielen.

“[Our agenda is to] equip, empower, enrich and educate. We want to begin by educating ourselves about political situations, where things went wrong, what things can be improved,” Vander Wielen said.

The club’s secretary and sophomore at UW-Fox Jenny Grunwald added to that.

“The club is about educating people on the foundations America was built and is grounded on,” Grunwald said.

The club does a variety of social activities from nonpartisan election and voter information to organizing off-campus movie nights where members can meet up and enjoy a film together.

The club’s adviser, Heather Benson, explained what a typical meeting entails.

“[Club meetings usually] involve a short video and discussion,” Benson said.

Vander Wielen added by saying they are generally low-key and involve planning future club meetings and events.

The Libertarian Club and its members meet once per week on campus at noon in the student union room. Those with questions or who wish know more about the club can contact its adviser, Heather Benson, via email.