In the Halls: most influential teacher?

 img_9530 “I really like my psychology teacher and my English teacher for different reasons. I like my psychology teacher Rex Hieser: The way he explains thingsit’s easy to understand, which I appreciate, and if you have questions, he is always willing to answer them—even in class. I like my English teacher Angela Williamson because she’s relaxed, and it’s not tense in her classroom.”

Emily Schuessler, freshman


“My high school biology teacher Mrs. Fiere.”

Sam Wall, junior

 img_9528 “My [high school] accounting teacher Ms. Podvin. She definitely pushed me to do my best in accounting, and I also learned a lot of things business-wise. She helped me realize that I wanted to do business for my major.”

Tom Burdick, freshman

 img_9529 “My math teacher in high school [Mrs. Billings] because she made math fun and actually wanted me to learn.”

Becca Kading, sophomore


“It’d be Jesus, because that’s just who I strive to be more like every single day of my life. He’s the best teacher—a person can live by his teachings.”

Jedidiah Tuyls, senior

 img_9533 “Ms. Marks—she taught Senior Communications [in high school]. She really cared about her students.”

Maddie Hancel, freshman

 img_9534 “There are a lot of good teachers out there. I’d have to say Mrs. Spetz. She was my English teacher in my junior and senior year of high school. She just cared about every kid. She had a very soft heart—very endearing. She was more than just a teacher—she was like a mom. She was just a mom. I loved her for that. Very admirable.”

Maggie Buckham, junior

 img_9536 “I might say Mr. Lawrence from Kaukauna High School. He was my engineering teacher. He was always encouraging me to do higher things—just trying to encourage me to do my best in all things.”

Dan Dutton, freshman

 img_9537 “Mr. Smits. He just made every class really fun, and I learned a lot from him even though it was more fun than other classes. He put those two together. He taught physics and chemistry in high school at Appleton East.”

Tiffany Spaeth, sophomore