About Us

About Us


The Fox Journal is written and edited by students of the University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley and they are solely responsible for its editorial policy and content.


The campus student newspaper, The Fox Journal, offers a challenge to anyone interested in journalism or a related field. Staff members gain valuable experience in reporting, editing, and photography. Students may also earn academic credit for their work (if CTA 104 is taken concurrently). Energetic new members are always welcome.


Visitors may stop by the newspaper office in room 1223 or to call (920) 832-2810 to speak with the editor-in-chief. Messages also may be sent to wiesc6465@students.uwc.edu or loren.snyder@uwc.edu.


Cody Wiesner, editor-in-chief, copy editor, web designer

Vincent Oestreich, photo editor

Mozel Erck, graphic designer

Noreen Alam

Nicolas Arias

Frank Faubel

Bethanie Gengler

Katie Kaczor

Jacob O’Kane

Coulson Richards

Gabrielle Sturm


Loren Snyder, adviser